Mighty Cast 105: Best Chest Exercises

You desperately want those highly prizes “chesticles”; you’ve been doing your Bench Presses but it’s not happening quite as quickly as you’d hoped. You look around the gym and you see the guy with that tight t-shirt doing Dumbbell Flyes; should I be doing that, you wonder… or is there something else I could be doing?

Something even better?!

In Mighty Cast 105 – Best Chest Exercises, Nick and Chris ask whether Flyes are all that…

Along with suggesting some better ways to use your time. We also save your shoulders by telling you what to avoid. The upshot of listening is that you’ll build those pecs, have an even better Bench, and be leaner. If that doesn’t appeal then listen to the naked yoga podcast, there’s no helping you.

For balanced programmes working the chesticles and everything else, see “Becoming Mighty”, and “The Mighty Method”. To get the most out of performing these exercises please check out our ever expanding library of exercise videos at our Get Mighty Now YouTube channel.

Enjoy the podcast and playing with your awesome, new chesticles!

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