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Become the biggest, smartest and strongest lifter on the block. If you’re already a force of nature, you can still enjoy the musings of our skeptics each week as they discuss strength, muscle, and fitness with some of the best lifters and trainers of all time.

For the low price of FREE you can enjoy Nick & Chris:

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  • Catching each other off guard
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  • Gem of Wisdom
  • Humiliating Admission

In all seriousness though, we’re here to help you be your best and avoid painful lessons you’re better off not experiencing.


With Chris Young & Nick Ritchey

Episode List

Mighty Cast 132: 15 Dumb Things Powerlifters Do -Article Review
Mighty Cast 131: Is the Sumo Deadlift Right for You?
Mighty Cast 135: Failure to Succeed
Mighty Cast 143: Interview with John Little
Mighty Cast 139: 5 Things Athletes Do That You Shouldn't
Mighty Cast 134: Willy Waving
Mighty Cast 130: Weight Loss Crooks, Cons & Gadgets
Mighty Cast 142: Janae Marie Kroczaleski Interview
Mighty Cast 129: Rules of the Game
Mighty Cast 138: Best Weight Loss Interview Ever - 150lbs Leaner with Becky Lyndon
Mighty Cast 137: Jill Mills - World’s Strongest Woman
Mighty Cast 136: Bodybuilding vs. Powerlifting Bench Press –Article Review
Mighty Cast 128: The Choke
Mighty Cast 133: Current Training and Lifestyle
Mighty Cast 127: Are You Feeling Lucky Punk?
Mighty Cast 126: Top 10 Weight Loss Myths
Mighty Cast 125: Our Top 5 Weight Loss Tips for the New Year
Mighty Cast 124: Excuses, Excuses
The Mightiest Battle #9: New Year Update
Mighty Cast 123: Eric Broser Interview
Mighty Cast 122: The Math of Weight Loss
Mighty Cast 121: Getting Back Into It
Mighty Cast 120: The Forgotten Muscles
Mighty Cast 119: The CEO Fad of Extreme Exercise
Mighty Cast 118: Best Body Parts - Lower Back
Mighty Cast 117: 10 Things Losers Might Say or Do
Mighty Cast 116: Zach Even-Esh Interview
Mighty Cast 115: 10 Things Successful People Do Differently
Mighty Cast 114: Chris Talks, Mighty Cast Resumes
Mighty Cast 113: 5 Tips For A Better Bulk
Mighty Cast 112: Best Body Parts - Upper Back
Mighty Cast 111: The Curse of Variation
Mighty Cast 110: Those Crazy Old Timers
The Mightiest Battle #8: Food Glorious Food
PRs for Chris from the Darkside Boys
Mighty Cast 109: How Useless is Your Trainer?
The Mightiest Battle #7: Box of Chocolates
The Mightiest Battle #6: Unbelievable Support
Introduction to Get Mighty Now
The Mightiest Battle #5: Anything I Can Do?
Living as a Warrior: Strength & Honor: 2014
The Mightiest Battle #4: What do I have?
Mighty Cast 108: Ed Coan
The Mightiest Battle #3: Chris vs. The Bone Marrow Biopsy, Round 1
The Mightiest Battle #2: Chris vs. The Sperm Bank
The Mightiest Battle #1: Chris vs. Leukemia
Mighty Cast 107: Brian Carroll
Mighty Cast 106: The Art of Living
Mighty Cast 105: Best Chest Exercises
Mighty Cast 104: Why the Hell Are You... Doing the Olympic Lifts?
Mighty Cast 103: The C Word...
Mighty Cast 102: If You Must... ABS
Mighty Cast 101: Room 101
Mighty Cast 100: Interview with Mike Tuchscherer
Mighty Cast 99: Got 99 Problems but My Bitch Ain't One
Mighty Cast 98: Too Busy to Train?
Mighty Cast 97: Hard Lessons
Mighty Cast 96: If You Must - Lower Body
Mighty Cast 95: Don't Be Shy - DOMINATE!
Mighty Cast 94: Do You Have Multiple Goals?
Mighty Cast 93: Why the HELL Are You Using Machines?
Mighty Cast 92: New Years Success Secrets
Male Attractiveness - VHI is Sexy!
Mighty Cast 91: The Deadlift Delusion with Nick Tumminello
Mighty Cast 90: Fears of the Formerly Advanced Athlete
Mighty Cast 89: Mighty Critical - Infomercials
Mighty Cast 88: If You Really Must Train Arms...
Mighty Cast 87: Definitions Which Define You
Mighty Cast 86: Fears of the Advanced Lifter
Mighty Cast 85: Just-in-Time Holiday Tips
Mighty Cast 84: Are You Obsessed?
3 Great Squat Variations
Mighty Cast 83: Are You Training too Hard?
Mighty Cast 82: Stuck at Intermediate?
Mighty Cast 81: Instinctive Training
Mighty Cast 80: Fears of a Beginner
Mighty Cast 79: 2013 September Review
Are You Gambling with Alternative Medicine?
Mighty Cast 78: Allons Travailler - get on with it
Mighty Cast 77: What They Don't Want You to Know
Mighty Cast 76: 7 Mistakes to Avoid in the Gym
Mighty Cast 75: The Stretch Zone
Mighty Cast 74: 2013 July - August Review
Mighty Cast 73: Squatting from Heat to Toe
Mighty Cast 72: A Little Embarrassing
Mighty Cast 71: Do You Need to Squat Ass to Grass?
Mighty Cast 69: How Specific Do We Need to Get?
Mighty Cast 70: June Review 2013
Mighty Cast 68: Certified or Certifiable?
Must Have Microwave Cooking Tools
Mighty Cast 67: The Need for Training Partners
Mighty Cast 65: Push it Real Good - A Question of Intensity
Mighty Cast 66: May Review 2013
Mighty Cast 64: High Volume - Cerebral or Insanity
Mighty Cast 63: The Need for Speed
Mighty Cast 60: Questions You Shouldn't Be Asking
Mighty Cast 59: The Paleo Review
Mighty Cast 62: April Review 2013
Mighty Cast 61: In the News - April 2013
Mighty Cast 58: The Trial of Joe Weider
Mighty Cast 57: Proceed With Care
Mighty Cast 56: March Review 2013
Mighty Cast 55: Abbreviated Training
Mighty Cast 54: Considering Martial Arts
Mighty Cast 53: February Review 2013
Mighty Cast 52: The Problem with Exercise Classes
Mighty Cast 51: Area 51 Madness Awards
Mighty Cast 50: What We Do
Mighty Cast 49: Not As Unique As You Think
Mighty Cast 48: The Baloney Detection Kit
Mighty Cast 47: Creating Consistency
Mighty Cast 46: Abominable Abdominals
Mighty Cast 45: Dinosaur Training
Mighty Cast 44: New Year Madness
How to Finance Your Home Gym
Mighty Cast 43: The Alcohol Cast
Mighty Cast 42: Life, The Universe and Everything
Mighty Cast 41: The Trouble with Strength and Fitness
Mighty Cast 40: Fat Loss Tips
Mighty Cast 39: Duh!
Mighty Cast 38: Weight Loss Methods
Mighty Cast 37: The Diet Review
Mighty Cast 36: Pumping Iron
Mighty Cast 35: The Rogue Trainer
Box Squat Benefits
Mighty Cast 34: Fat Loss Client Stories
Mighty Cast 33: Bigger, Stronger, Faster
1 Question Series - Fat Loss
Mighty Cast 32: The Importance of Sleep
Mighty Cast 31: Deconstructing Pilates
How to Make A Salad - The Easy Way
Free Fat-Loss Coaching Round 1 Update
Sleep Yourself Thin
Mighty Cast 30: Deconstructing Crossfit
Mighty Cast 29: Warming Up, Cooling Down & Deloading
How to Squat with Bands if You Don't Have a Power Rack
Mighty Cast 28: Cardio Training
Choose Your Habits
Mighty Cast 27: The Journey Part 2 of 2
The Greatest Goal
Mighty Cast 26: The Journey Part 1 of 2
The Truth about Elite Sport
Measuring Fat-Loss Progress the Easy Way
Mighty Cast 25: The Olympics
Part of the Problem
Mighty Cast 24: What ARE You Doing?
Take Your Medicine
Mighty Cast 23: Lower Body Assistance
No Cherry Picking Allowed!
Mighty Cast 22: Change the Emphasis, Change the Movement
Mighty Cast 21: Fun Intensification Techniques
Time to Get Intense!
Mighty Cast 20: The Mighty Power of Habit
Mighty Cast 19: The Psychology of the Big Lift
Getting Your Mind Right
Mighty Cast 17: Upper Body Assistance
Damn My Legs Hurt!
Mighty Cast 18: 5x5
It's Not Just About the Guns and Chesticles!
Mighty Cast 16: Our Favorite Logical Fallacies
Why The Hell Should I Care About... Logical Fallacies
Mighty Cast 15: Increase the Damn Weight
The Return of the 5kg Dumbbell Workout
Mighty Cast 14: Realistic Expectations
Mighty Cast 13: The Bench Press
How Much Do You Bench? (Podcast Companion)
Mighty Cast 12: Abdominal Training
Propa Abz
Deadlift Companion
Mighty Cast 11: The Deadlift
Mighty Cast 10: The Learning Process
No Gym, No Problem - Not Quite!
The Press - The King of Upper Body Lifts
Mighty Cast 9: The Press
Are You Training Correctly for Fat Loss?
Mighty Cast 8: Training Misconceptions
Do Caloric Deficits Lead To Muscle Loss?
Mighty Cast 7: The Squat
Mighty Cast 6: Training for Fat Loss
The Answer to "Why a Home Gym?"
Mighty Cast 5: Making A Home Gym
Mighty Cast 4: All About Strength
Sometimes You Just Have to Let Go
Mighty Cast 3: Goal Setting for Results
Mighty Cast 2: Exercise vs. Training
Why Your Gym (Probably) Sucks!
Variations of the Squat
New Site - Working out the Kinks
Mighty Cast 1: Greetings Mighty Listener!
Common Mistakes when Performing the Game Changer
Conversations on the Game Changer
Where Does Your Info Come From?
Predictions for 2012
Accept This or Settle for Less
A Mighty Mind Passes On
Some People Believe Some Really Weird Things
What's your Default Position?
It's Not a Party!
What's Wrong with a Strong Woman?
Gym or Fiction
Why the Hell are You.... 3
Was the Iron Guru Full of It?
Darkside Barbell Update
You Gotta Want It! - Really?
It's Alright Mate, I'm a Marine
Why the Hell are You.... 2
Not All Roads Lead to Rome
Which Trainer?
Why the Hell are You.... 1
Powerlifter on a Bike
The Secret of Success
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of NLP / Self Improvement
Your Goal – To Look Like Jared from Subway – Really!
A Couple of Questions I Hate
My Conscience on an Armband
When the Bigger Boys Come to Town
Hard Learnt Kettlebell Lessons
Darkside Lifters Update
The Strenuous Life
Beware of the BS
Some Advice on Going Barefoot
Solid Info from a Great Podcast
It's Not Just About Strength
If You Like That – Then You’ll Probably Like This!
I Hate New Year
Just Don't Do It!
The Not So Grim Challenge
Nick's Ramblings - Colds
Just Who Can You Trust?
Bits and Pieces
10% off @EliteFTS
Saturated Fats
A Must see Presentation
Ignore the Big, Strong Guy and Guarantee Failure
Confirmation Bias
Old Blog Posts
What's the Best Ab Exercise?
The Problem with Problem Areas
Muscle is Not a Dirty Word!
Injuries and How to Train Around Them
Sample Programme 1 ~ Beginners Fat Loss
Top 5 Fat Fighting Tips
Obsessed with Watching the Calorie Counter?
Nutritional Guidelines for Optimal Fat Loss
Fat Loss in a Nutshell
The Secret (No Not That One!)
So You Think You're Strong?
The Westside System for the Drug Free Athlete
Interval Training
Increase the Damn Weight!
Five Things You Should Be Doing In The Gym
Deloading:The Dullest Topic in Weightlifting
A Very Brief A-Z of Weight Training
A Scientific Approach to Exercise

 Excellent! No hype. No commercials…

These guys know their stuff. I’ve learned more from them in 6 mos than I have in years. There are so many myths and fallacies out there, but Chris and Nick debunk it all! Thanks, and keep up the good work!

-Refundallmymoney (USA)

 Well rounded and full of info

Excellent and honest information.

While currently seeking my masters in Physical Therapy I read, watch and listen to a lot of great strength coaches from Dan John, Lowery, Bell, Simmons, Robertson, Wendler, Shugart, Boyle, Rooney… and this is my favorite in terms of information and focus on real strength while keeping things realistic and Nick’s great outlook on mental health alone is worth every minute. What I wouldn’t give to lift at Darkside…

Keep up the terrific work gentlemen!

-steel_turnip (USA)

 Great show on Strength Training/Powerlifting! 

Love the show you guys! Great topics and very detailed! Could you have a show of the topic of “periodization, tapering for a competition, and the psychology behind competing in strength sports”? I love all the history and stories of old time lifters from the 40s/50s/60s. Keep it up, I plan to buy both the Get Mighty Now book and Fat Loss book A.S.A.P.!!!

-+JMJ+ (USA)

 A no gimmick show

In the fitness world you hear allot of fluff and just plain wrong info but these guys seem to know stuff. If you want a show with lots of history and info about lifting and proper technique then look no further. Keep up the good work guys.

-Truckerjay (USA)

 Quality information, easily digested! 

This podcast is a must for anyone interested in having better looking, more durable, healthier bodies. The hosts do an excellent job of presenting balanced information while making it easily understandable to put into practice. Even though they are more inclined to the powerlifting side of training, they humbly recognise that a person’s choice of training will depend largely on that person’s goal and what they’re trying to achieve. They dispel many common misconceptions about the industry and training, while presenting the value of their style of training.

The podcasts are fairly freeform and the hosts may go on slight tangents (which results in a longer than usual episode duration), however it usually helps flesh out the point they’re trying to make and is always interesting to listen to.

Highly recommended along with the Iron Radio podcast!

-Master D (Australia)

 Easy listening keep them coming

-Craigy1212 (UK)

 With their help and your own dedication you can gain (or lose!) just as much as I have if not more.

I’ve been listening to Mighty Cast and reading the blogs from Get Mighty Now for this past year, in that year I have lost much of my unnecessary fat, gone from Novice to Intermediate in terms of strength (160lbs Press, 230lbs Bench, 320lbs Squat, and the most recent mark 400lbs Deadlift), and has provided for me a knowledge base that can help keep me healthy, fit, and vital for years to come. The wide array of information discussed by the hosts is well said, knowledgeable, and at times rather humorous.

-Michael F (Texas)

Update: Michael has since lost 66 pounds on his own.