Just Don’t Do It!

Just Don’t Do It!

It’s often said in the gym biz that there are no bad exercises, only inappropriate ones; well it won’t surprise you but I think that’s a pile of crap!
Don’t perform Upright Rows; it’s shoulder impingement waiting to happen. They’re just not needed; there’are so many Press variations that you just don’t need to do these.

A bad exercise, badly illustrated.

Beginners should start with 1 arm Db Presses, and concentrate on making sure that they push the dumbbell up and back, concentrate on getting the elbow in line with the ear. Once this is perfected then Barbell variations can be performed. If the trainee wishes to work their traps then Deadlifts and their variations are the way to go.

Don’t perform Press Behind the Neck! What, I hear; you just said to do Presses instead of Upright Rows! Yes but don’t worry, there are many other kinds of Presses to play with. Presses Behind the Neck are pretty much like having a double shoulder lock applied each rep you do. I will now say that IF you can bring a bar down behind your neck and keep your head in a neutral position then you are one of the 5% who are allowed to do this movement. The rest of you – don’t do it! Although not quite as dangerous, don’t do Pulldowns or Pull Ups behind the neck either.

Don’t do Crunches! Along with being an absolute waste of time; Prof Stuart McGill has shown that they put a bazillion pounds of pressure on your spine, and your discs will explode when you do them. OK, I exaggerate, but they are not good for the spine, especially when one considers the amount of volume one can perform. Speaking of volume how many Crunches can you do? If I held a gun to your head you could do hundreds couldn’t you? If the load is that light then your wasting your time; but then as a Get Mighty Now reader you already know that. For the final word, back to Prof McGill who said something along the lines of “if Crunches were to work for your abs then their musculature would look like that of the hamstrings”.

Dumbbell Kickbacks; Hey Einstein, for a free weight exercise to work the weight has to move upward, not horizontally! The same principle applies to those dummies who roll their shoulders when performing Shrugs. Back to those who do Kickbacks; 98% of the time you don’t need to be doing isolation tricep exercises, you need to be getting your Bench Press, and Press weight up. Work harder on the basics before doing the supposed flash stuff.

To finish I could say all resistance machine training; I really don’t like it but I can’t say it’s all bad. Perhaps that’s for a future blog post.

Be Mighty,