It’s Not a Party!

It’s Not a Party!

It’s a couple of days at the most; or it should be. In the States for some the party season starts with Thanksgiving; in the UK it can start with the first party of the year, and for many of these people regardless of which side of the Atlantic they reside, this party fest ends a few days after New Year.

Many of these folks then turn up at the gym with what can barely be called “goals”, making all kinds of excuses as to why they’re weak / out of shape / whatever.

The people who succeed, those who actually achieve their goals are those who are consistent. Those who casually take off 5-6 weeks from sometime in November through to New Year are never going to achieve anything – unless something inside them seriously changes.

The kind of people who casually write off 10% or more of the year are also the kind of people who look for the easy option; they’re the people with lofty goals with a bargin basement work ethic.

One person who had a great work ethic was Vasily Alexeev, the great Soviet lifter who passed on earlier this week; would have been 70 in January.


One of the Mightiest Men of all time!

This giant of a man left a big impression on me back in 1976; I said the following in my book “Becoming Mighty” –

I can remember it as though it were yesterday! The great Soviet lifter Alexeev approached the platform; on the bar was a whopping 255kg, the British commentator David Vine said that this was like picking up a Mini. To a 10 year old boy, this sounded like the most amazing thing ever. As Alexeev cleaned the weight, I remember the audience gasping, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing, and when he slammed it overhead, the crowd went wild. I was hooked; well, that day I was anyway.

Alexeev wasn’t the kind of guy to look for the easy option; he set 80 World Records in Olympic Weightlifting between 1970 and 77, and he was Olympic Champion twice.

When Alexeev made the Soviet team he saw the fearsome schedule the lifters followed and MADE IT HARDER!

So if you have missed training this last week due to Thanksgiving or the because of the first office party, be sure to recommit this week and get back on track. You might not be as successful as the great Alexeev but you’ll have a much better chance of achieving your goals, whatever they might be.

Be Mighty,