It’s Alright Mate, I’m a Marine

It’s Alright Mate, I’m a Marine!


That’s what I was told this last weekend when I explained to a guy in the gym I work at, not to back the weight back into the power rack, but to walk it in. One should never back a weight in to the rack, it’s so much easier to mess up than re-racking by walking forward.


But that’s irrelevant; the point is that he felt he needed to tell me that he was a marine because of it.


I guess many guys could find me a little intimidating due to my size, but I am aware of this; I try to keep a light, and friendly attitude when dealing with people I don’t know. You could say “keep your mouth shut, and just fold the towels, clean the cups, and speak when you’re spoken to”; but this would go against my mission in life which is help people, usually through increased strength, health and fitness.


I realise that many aren’t interested in hearing what I have to say, and I’m able to let them get on with whatever they want to do no matter how idiotic it might be; but when people cross the line into potentially harming themselves I have to act.


I am a Marine therefore I know what I’m doing in the gym is a non sequitur argument (it doesn’t follow); and in this case his actions showed that in this instance he didn’t know what he was doing; perhaps he does in other forms of exercise but not when it comes to squatting safely.


Perhaps being told by a civilian like me was too much; “it’s alright mate, I’m a marine” might actually mean “shut up you insignificant civi shit, I could kill you with my bare hands!” I don’t really care what he meant by it, my intension wasn’t to upset him but to save his spine, but the reaction did interest me.


And just to show you all how mature I am I didn’t come back with the argument from authority, “I’m a National and World champion in lifting; just do what I bloody well say”; although it was tempting:) 


Be Mighty,