Is Your Environment Hurting You?

A few years ago I got somewhat slack with my nutrition, make that really slack.


On the way home from work I got into the really bad habit of pulling into a particular service station and buying a large pack of M&S Tea Cakes probably 3 times a week. These delightful combinations of chocolate, marshmallow and biscuit base were popped into my fat face so frequently that 15 minutes later all 16 had been devoured.


Delightful combination of pure evil!

I am ashamed to say that this habit stayed with me for many years; not always buying Tea Cakes, but they were by far my most popular treat. I figured that I deserved them, I’d worked hard damn it – give me the sugar. Compared to most people I had deserved it. During these years I’d lifted hard, really hard 4 times a week pretty much every week. I had also been doing a session or 2 of cycling every week cumulating with that damn stupid charity ride of 90 miles I did in July 2011. Hell, I even teach Spinning classes these days!

Despite all this I was slowly putting the weight on or in later years maintaining a heavy bodyweight. My peak was at 124kg and I was finding it hard to have my picture taken without looking huge; that’s why you only see me with Worlds Strongest Man winners;)

  Savickas made me look small despite my 124kg (273lb) bodyweight

Sorry, back to a little seriousness now. The bottom line was that despite all the training and incidental exercise I wasn’t able to out-training a bad diet, and I doubt you can either. Currently I am following my Get Mighty Now brother Nick’s system of Earn Your Carbs and I’m down to 107kg – and I can eat my Tea Cakes so long as I’ve earned them.

Anyway back to the reason for this post. I noticed that much of my bad behaviour was environment based. If I went into that particular service station I made bad choices. If I went into another, which didn’t have that make of Tea Cake I made better choices. If I take a certain route home which takes me past certain establishments then I’m (more) likely to make bad choices. When I used to drink alcohol I used to make bad choices when I was around certain people.

The answer is simple, don’t put yourself in an environment which could damage you. Avoid going to that service station, in my case. Or that pub where you seem to get hammered every time you go there. You might even have to avoid that particular friend who tends to lead you astray, well maybe until you get your desired behaviours more of a habit anyway.

It’s strange isn’t it? Every time you go to the gym something positive happens, mainly because you’re in the right place, well the reverse is also true. Be careful where you hang out, and with whom.

Be Mighty,