If You Like That – Then You’ll Probably Like This!

If You Like That – Then You’ll Probably Like This!


I’m sure you would have noticed that these massive internet companies like Amazon, and Apple are great at selling us extra stuff that we might, or might not need. As soon as I buy a book on Amazon I see “if you like X, then you’ll probably like Y”, how much extra have I spent because of this?


I must say that I think I’m putting a spanner in the works at i-tunes because along with the 5 Dimmu Borgir (Norwegian Black Metal) albums that I’ve bought recently, I’ve also bought the rather good “Revolution” by my cousin Nick Punal; I smile when I think of some pissed off mid-west farm boy seeing “if you like Gateways by Dimmu Borgir then you’ll probably like Revolution by Nick Punal”. I laugh even more when I think of him listening to it after he’s accidentally hit “Buy”.


Anyway, all this got me thinking about how this could relate to Strength and Fitness.


If you like Powerlifting then you’ll love eating 3000 calories at an Indian restaurant after a good Squat session; or before that session if you have very understanding training partners. Is this what you do Russ?


If you like “Abbreviated Powerlifting” by Daz the Deadlift Bear then you’ll love “I don’t need no stinking assistance exercises to get a 800lb Deadlift” also by Daz the Deadlift Bear.


If you like Bodybuilding then you’ll love “Tango Instant Tanning Lotion” for men.


If you like Strongman then you’ll love “The Parisi Method; Warm Up” DVD! Strongmen don’t warm up, ever! – I know, it’s not funny if I have to explain it!

If you like running then you’ll probably like incontinence pants. 


If you like yoga then you’ll love “Yoghurt Knitters and Tree Huggers Monthly” magazine.


If you like Weight Watchers then you’ll love Krispy Kreme doughnuts; especially just after you’ve been weighed.


If you like stretching then you’ll love the Book of Karma Sutra.

If you like cycling then you’ll probably like rash cream.


If you like Pilates then you’ll love lying on your back doing very little.


If you like HIT (High Intensity Training) then you’ll love Better sex in 5 minutes – well, you are in and out of the gym in less time than that!


If you can’t take responsibility for anything then you’ll love “The Secret”.


If you think you can take responsibility but don’t then you’ll love Tony Robbins.


If you’re an old weightlifter who’s reached and maintained a decent level of strength and development then you’ll smile and nod your head while reading anything by Brooks Kubik.

If you think that running works your legs then you’ll love “Extra Small Lycra Pants – for men.”


If you like training on Swiss Balls and Bosu Boards then you’ll love “101 Excuses Why I still can’t Squat 300lbs” by Paul C.


If you like “Big Mouth Canadian Strength Coaches” then you’ll love “50 Athletes I’ve never met but claim I Trained” by Charles P.


If you can’t stop eating shite food then you’ll love “The Metabolism Excuse” by some nutritionist to the stars.


And finally – if you like good, hard training with barbells, dumbbells, and various other implements then you’ll love getmightynow.com.


Just a bit of fun, I don’t mean any of it??!


Be Mighty,