I Want it Now!

The incessant cry of the spoilt child, “I want it now”, which can be used for anything from getting the latest toy to wanting to go to McDonald’s – again!


The trouble is that many of us never really grow up. The other day I was off from work and I got it into my head that I really wanted to see a particular film, and I wanted to see it now. I went to the i-Tunes store and they didn’t have it. I went to Netflix and they didn’t have it. It was on Amazon but only buying the DVD and not for streaming, this was no good because I wanted it now!


In the world of strength and fitness wanting it now is a bad thing, a very bad thing. It leaves you open to the charlatan selling some joke product on an info-mercial at 3am. It leaves you open to the siren song of the supplement companies as they pedal their snake oil. It leaves you open to wanting to believe all sorts of pseudo-scientific claims; and this will set you up for a world of hurt and dejection. In strength and fitness wanting it now is a very bad thing.


In my first book Becoming Mighty I speak about having a 5 year plan. Essentially set your 5 year goal and work backwards. This really is long term planning. My friend Jim Wendler was even more contrite when he said “lift hard on the basics, eat well, get plenty of sleep, and repeat for 10 years!” I really can’t argue with that. I rarely argue with the culture of the mid-west (aka Jim).


Oh, you want to know about the film? It was on YouTube all along. I didn’t only get it now, I got it for free as well:)


Be Mighty,