I Hate New Year

I Hate New Year!


I guess we all have those times of the year where even the best job can get a touch wearing, and New Year is that time for me.


All the resolutionites come back swearing that this is going to be the year. Well I’ve got news for you Buddy, past behaviour predicts future performance, and your past behaviours suck!


It’s kind of ironic that many of these moments of epiphany occur when these people are partaking of one of their worst sins, the over consumption of alcohol.


I should really be a little more understanding; anything, even a nominal date which gets people to think about what they’re doing must be a good thing. And on a fundamental level I understand this; but I’ve noticed that those who achieve lasting change tend to do so quietly, in a non alcohol fuelled way. For these people the pain of being in the situation they’re in is greater than the supposed pleasure of the unhealthy behaviours. In short, they snap and say I’m not going to take anymore of this.


So my message to you dear reader is this – don’t make as decision about a lifestyle change when you’re pissed (UK emphasis); get yourself pissed (US emphasis) enough to make a change.


But if you want help making a change here’s a couple of things for you to ponder:

  • Understand this – if you’re over 30 and you decide that exercise and eating anything which is slightly healthy for you sounds overrated then the way you feel today, OK, it’s early Jan, so you could be (probably are) hung-over! Because of this seasonal influence we’ll compromise with the way you usually feel on a day to day basis will be the best you’ll ever feel!

    After 30 it’s downhill all the way baby; by the time you’re 40 you could look and feel 50; and if you believe that sleep is overrated, and that smoking isn’t that bad, then you might not make 60 – what a waste of a life! Am I being helpful; if not try this-

  • From a more positive standpoint I will say this – I believe that anyone who is healthy can, with a couple of years focused training, attain levels which to normal people will appear superhuman. When I say levels I mean levels of strength, fitness and physique.


If you want to know how to become superhuman keep checking out the great info here at GMN, including our eBook which will be released soon. But for now understand that those who achieve usually don’t make drunken proclamations at New Years; those who do have usually given up on their resolutions by mid-February.


Be Mighty,