How to Make A Salad – The Easy Way


In this post, Nick shows you a few tips and tricks for making a quick salad with easy cleanup.

Why I’m Teaching You How to Make a Salad

A good salad can aid in fat-loss through several mechanisms, and you know you’re not getting enough veggies, even though they’re really friggin’ good for you!

So I’m going to show you how to make a delicious salad in 5 minutes that’s super-easy to prepare and clean-up.

The varieties are endless once you know the basic template, so let’s begin!


Tools You’ll Need for Salad Makin’

  • A Big Bowl
  • A Strainer
  • Kitchen Scissors

Salad Ingredients

  • Fresh Leaves
  • Organic Salsa OR¬†Sauteed Veggies (especially onions, mushrooms and peppers)
  • Garlic Flakes
  • Optional
    • Meat
    • Cheese
    • Nuts
    • Pepper/Seasoning/Lemon Juice/Cinnamon/Olive Oil

Fresh Leaves, Tasty Toppings


  1. Take everything out that you’ll need to make your salad (above)
  2. Rinse your leaves under cold water, tear off any bad parts & put in the strainer
  3. Shake leaves dry
  4. Cut into a large bowl with your kitchen scissors
  5. Cut a bit more once leaves are in the bowl to your liking
  6. Add Salsa
  7. Add Garlic Flakes (so they stick to the salsa)
  8. Add any additional ingredients (experiment with cheese, nuts, meat, etc.)
  9. Mix and enjoy!

Salad Making Video Tutorial

Salad Cleanup

  • Throw away the bad bits of salad
  • Rinse your strainer and scissors under water
  • Wash your spoon and bowl

Salad Making, Flavoring & Savoring Tips

  • Start with the base only (leaves, salsa & garlic flakes) and add one ingredient at a time
  • As you experiment, you’ll find your favorite combinations.
  • As the Italians know, simpler often tastes better, so¬†avoid adding too much too soon.
  • Experiment with spices – there are many amazing combinations to be found.
  • Find a mild salsa you love as the default for convenience, but learn to sautee veggies and have them on a special occasion.
  • Any salad can become a full meal by adding steak, hamburger, tuna, pork, salmon, eggs, bacon, etc.
  • Eat a salad with every meal. If you’re looking to lose weight, poop better or improve your health, have a salad with every meal. Start with one a day and work up from there as the months of the year wane on.

Salsa – The Perfect Salad Dressing

Salsa is absolutely amazing on salad for several reasons:

  1. It tastes amazing!
  2. It’s lower calorie than traditional dressings.
  3. It’s super-healthy because it’s made of… more vegetables!
  4. Everyone I’ve told about salsa as a dressing replacement – LOVES IT!
  5. It supports weight-loss and makes you more likely to eat salad.

So give it a try!


Any Questions or Requests?

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Enjoy getting yo’ salad on!