Free Fat-Loss Coaching Round 1 Update

It’s been 3 months since I offered my first free fat-loss coaching. I sent a message to people on Facebook & Twitter and got 3 replies…

Here are the Results

Client 1: Dropped out after 1 week. The first habit (taking pictures of food and drink) was too stressful.

Client 2: No changes. Loved having me as her coach & Fat Loss 101, but losing weight was more of a passive wish than an active pursuit.

Client 3: Lost 20lbs, 3 inches off waist & hips & is continuing coaching for a monthly fee. He is at his lowest weight in over 10 years, feeling better than ever and is looking forward to losing another 20 lbs.

Client 3 is Rockin the Fat Loss!

I LOVE Making Positive & Motivated Friends!

I’m very happy with the results because I could have easily had no successes with such a small number of volunteers. The people that know me think I’m a monster, but they don’t realize that the changes I’ve made over the past 7 years took, well, 7 years of small, daily improvements. That adds up and if I had the knowledge back then that I have now, I could have been here in 1-2 years instead of 7.

The client who lost the most weight was both motivated and self-reliant knowing that his actions are what determine his results. My coaching was valuable because I was able to answer his questions as they arose, show him how to setup a sustainable progression, and keep him balanced. Here’s what he had to say:


I just want to say that our relationship has been very beneficial for me. It helped me turn things around in my life and made me realize that nutrition and health was an area of my life I have had little control over with. Thanks to you and your philosophy I was not only able to gain knowledge and control but also was able to talk to a friend about it. That was key for me.



What I Learned About Motivation

Fat-loss is really easy both to teach (for me) and to do (under my guidance)… but ONLY if:

  • You’re motivated
  • You’re willing to make some small changes
  • You’re persistent and patient with yourself

You are what your habits make you; simple as that.

But small changes add up over time, and the process is far less painful than people think it should be. Here’s what Client 3 had to say when he broke the 230lb barrier:


Hey Nick,

I weighed 229.8lbs this morning lol… I can’t remember when I weighed this…light!

My next weight goal is to consolidate being under 229,999999 (you being a mathematician and me an engineer both can appreciate the precision here lol…).

I’ve been reading A LOT about weight loss lately and came across a number of interesting videos and articles. Don’t mind me if I spam you a bit. I’m just enthusiastic about it and need to share hehe.


Again, I count 1 out of 3 as a wild success. After a heart attack, only 1 in 10 people will change their lifestyle habits even though they’re told that their lifestyles will lead them to an early grave.

Likewise, many people buy books, but only a small percentage actually read them, and an even smaller percentage put them into practice.

Several people have bought Chris’ book, Becoming Mighty, but still ask him questions about things that were clearly explained. When he asks if they read the book, the most common answer is, “Well, I haven’t gotten to it yet,” or “Yeah, but I wanted to try (insert some random Internet guru’s program) first.”

Just like doctors, we can give you a prescription, but we can’t make you take it. If you don’t follow the directions on the bottle, the medicine won’t work as it should. So although Chris is happy to be selling books, it would make him even happier if people read AND followed them…

This is where coaching comes into play.

Give diet books to different groups of people, and after 6 months, the groups are all eating the same things they were before reading the book. But if you give them a diet book plus a few months of coaching, a lot more of them will actually be following the diet. Coaching gives you clarification when you need it, troubleshooting, advice and makes it a part of your life that you’re less able to ignore.

So what did I do?



The Process

I started all 3 clients off by taking photos of their food and drink or making a food journal. This was absolutely essential information for coaching because although the calorie counting model isn’t perfect, it gives you a good window into the diet of your client… and really, only 3 things matter for fat loss:

  1. Sleep
  2. Diet
  3. Muscle

And since most people are so scared of muscle, I only focused on diet. After 3 months, I’m now talking about muscle a bit more with Client 3… and we’ll hit on sleep in the future.

The first habit was too much for Client 1, so I was down to 2 free clients very quickly.

After the food log, I suggested and made videos for some very easy bodyweight exercises. The purpose was to build a time for exercise into their schedule, even if it was just 2-5 minutes a day.

Better to do a few minutes of easy bodyweight exercises each day than nothing at all. This small amount of muscle contraction is enough to help preserve some muscle while dieting, plus, it just feels good to move more and more as you get healthier. There’s also great room for mastery and progression… essentials for the stretch zone, which I’ll talk about soon.

Client 2 went to Europe for a while and had a great time, coming back at the same weight. She’s not really “overweight” to begin with, hence the lack of a burning desire to change anything. Our catch-up after her vacation was brief and I didn’t get any measurements or food logs, so coaching came to a natural end without any fanfare.

Client 3 does fairly regular cardio, started progressing on the bodyweight exercises, kept a food journal, and became a substitution star!

Nope, I didn’t dictate any diet, just the substitution principle I talk about in Fat Loss 101. Many days he actually had too few calories, so I had to suggest he eat a bit more than usual.

Despite several short trips with his family, changing jobs and coming off of medication, he didn’t push himself too hard but kept trying to improve. Feeling his pants get looser and seeing the numbers go down on the scale were very motivating for him.

So when our 3 months of free coaching were up, he said he’d like to continue our new friendship and coaching and still wants to lose another 20lbs. I’m happy to do all three, and it’s cool to connect in such a fulfilling way for the both of us thanks to a chance encounter on Twitter.

Now, I’d like to pick-up a few more clients because coaching was a breeze, and I’d like to help a LOT more people… just keep the new friendships & victories comin’!


This afternoon I even dropped to 230.8. My weight loss has been phenomenal (for me at least) since 3 weeks. And yes my pants feel really loose now :-)



Fat Loss is Both Slower & Easier than You Think

Fat loss is not about pushing your limits every once in a while – it’s about pushing yourself a little bit daily.

I refer to this as “Staying in the Stretch Zone”

Imagine a rubber band stretched between two fingers.

If there’s no tension, you’re not improving – this is like wishing to have less fat but doing nothing about it.

If there’s too much tension, it snaps – this is like the person who buys a year’s gym membership on a New Year’s Resolution, but doesn’t use it after January. He hit his limit and just quit… his willpower snapped.

If you keep a gentle stretch in the rubber band, you’re in a constant state of improvement.

This is like the person who practices substitution, or works through a slow bodyweight progression. My dad used to do 100 pushups in the morning and 100 in the evening, every day, but hasn’t done pushups for a few years. So I suggested just doing one each day… knowing damn well that if he does one and gets into the habit of it, he’ll eventually do 100 a day again if he wishes.

Recommending 100 pushups a day would be encouraging him to snap while doing ZERO has no benefit.

But even 1 pushup, just one a day, is a stretch.

And with time, it will be so easy, that he’ll need to do 10 a day for a stretch. But 10 won’t be any harder for him then than 1 is for him now because his body will adapt and 10 in the future will be no harder than 1 is now.

When it comes to fat-loss, the stretch zone is what it’s all about.

Push yourself too hard and you snap, but don’t push enough and you stagnate. You get used to the stretch, and learn to enjoy it. But the stretch doesn’t get harder unless you want to push yourself a bit. I’m all in favor of pushing if that’s your thing, as long as you don’t snap.

Client 3 wanted a bit of a challenge, so I gave him one, and these were the results:


Hey Nick,

Had my first Carb night! One Quebec Poutine (Fries + Sauce + cheese). 12 chocolate chip cookies and a large glass of milk. I think I’m gonna have some ketchup chips now… hahah this is so decadently great.

OMG I was almost 229lbs this morning (230.2). Check this out!

Followed by his progress:

Breaking the 230lb barrier requires a bit of celebration!


As your body gets more efficient and your dietary habits get better, you do more with less effort.

And this is why fat-loss coaching is easy for me. I’m not teaching anything new, secret or magical. Sure, I have lots of strategies… but strategies are just the combinations of a few key principles.

If you know what a GOOD substitution is and how to keep yourself in the stretch zone, fat loss is pretty darn easy.

Sure, it takes time, effort and a bit of personalized tweaking, but it’s not rocket science, and doesn’t require any time at the gym.

Sure, some muscle will bring you to your goals a lot faster and easier, but if you’re patient and persistent, you’ll get there if you can just make small, incremental changes without snapping.

My brother commented that I’ve been on more diets than anyone he knows, but they all work for me because I know what I’m doing. This wasn’t always the case, but I’m constantly reading, testing and improving.

The only way you know for sure if something’s going to work for you is if you try it. So I try everything that looks better than what I’m doing. Usually it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Like Thomas Edison with the lightbulb, I haven’t failed if it doesn’t work, I’ve just learned something new about how my body works.

But one of the principles I KNOW works is (allergies/inflammation aside), just about any diet CAN work for you as long as you can maintain a small caloric deficit until you get to maintenance, and then happily live with your lifestyle once you’ve reached your destination.

Figuring out how to get you in a caloric deficit without snapping you is my job. Thanks to 19 years of dieting (which I still manipulate constantly), it’s second-nature for me… but it’ll be a stretch for you.

This may require sleeping more than you’re used to and eating a bit healthier… but it’s not the horror story most people come-up with as an excuse for not trying again. The steps I usually recommend are so small that people want to do more. I view that as a good thing because when it comes time to do more, you’ve both made a habit of it, and are ready for more.

You may find that you even like being better rested and having less of yourself to carry around all the time :)

So if you’re interested in finding your stretch zone and losing some fat… the price is right!

[hilight color=”FFFF00″]If you’re willing and motivated, I’ll coach you for a month for FREE if you’re one of the first to respond.[/hilight]

I’m not going to spend time helping you find your life’s purpose because I’m not Oprah…

But if you think some fat-loss will give you more confidence, happiness, better health, more energy, a better sex life or have any other motivating reason to improve your habits for life…


I’m Your Guy.


You bring the motivation and willingness to make small changes; I’ll show you how to put them to good use for results we can both be proud of.


I discovered that I respond very well to coaching. You provide exactly what I need: A good ear, friendly expert advice and most importantly a never ending desire to learn more.


So send an e-mail to , let me know your goals, and I’ll help you out for FREE, for a month. After that time, if you still want my help, I’m sure we can find an arrangement that works for both of us.

Alternatively, you can send me an e-mail with the “feedback” button on this page, or in the comments below.

If you’d like to learn more, listen to our podcast on Fat Loss Client Stories here:

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!