Five Things You Should Be Doing In The Gym

Five Things You Should Be Doing In The Gym

by Chris Young

1. Multi Joint Exercises

Concentrate on big exercises which work the major muscles of the body. If you’re not a bodybuilder then you shouldn’t be doing curls and tricep extensions. Everyone should be doing Squats, Deadlifts, Presses, Pull Ups, and Rows.

Don’t do this…

Do This!


2. Interval Training

Intervals will make you leaner, give you better all round fitness, and get you out of the gym quicker than steady state aerobic exercise. What could be better than that?

3. Take Care of your Joints

Spend a few minutes doing external rotations for the shoulder, some hip mobility, along with some foam rolling; top this off with a well balanced programme and success is guaranteed.

4. F = MA

This is a simplification of Newton’s second law of motion. In the gym F (force) is what your body adapts to. Therefore to develop force we need M (mass) as in weight (there’s a good reason why it’s called weight lifting!), and (A) acceleration, the speed at which we lift.


This man knew how to lift!

When we look at things in this scientific way then it’s obvious that we shouldn’t be trying to reduce force. Therefore lift heavy and fast (lower in a controlled manner), and don’t overuse fitballs and bosu balls which destabilise you causing you to lift slower and lighter; not what you want!

5. Do the same but different

By this I mean you may need to change your programme every 6-8 weeks but don’t go from performing a Squat to a Leg Extension. When you do the same but different you would go from a Squat to a Box Squat, or a Front Squat; they’re all still Squats, they all work the major muscles of the lower body and mid section but in a slightly different way.

Leg Extensions = Bad

Front Squats = Good




For your training programme to work whatever the goal might be then you would need to follow some or all of these recommendations.

Happy Training!

Chris is a British and World Champion Drug Free Powerlifter who has worked in the fitness industry since 1985, he currently runs the gym at the very prestigious Spa at Pennyhill Park ( Along with Powerlifting, Chris has competed nationally in Martial Arts, and has dabbled in Drug Free Bodybuilding. Chris can be contacted through