Fears Of the Advanced Trainer

A couple of weeks ago Nick and I did a 90 minute episode of the Mighty Cast on this and here are my 3 main points.

1. Injuries will happen!

Yes they will, it’s how you react to them which matters. The main point is don’t ignore them, they often don’t go away on their own. If the injury is tendon or ligament based, and not that serious then facilitate recovery by performing high rep work for that area. If that doesn’t help then you probably need to see a professional. In the UK that would be a physiotherapist, not an osteopath, and certainly not a chiropractor!

2. Beware of extreme programmes.

As an advanced trainer you shouldn’t be performing a beginners programme but that doesn’t mean that the more complex the programme the better. The Westside template is pretty straight forward, as is the Reactive Training Systems format. My own Mighty Method is very simple, big movements performed with heavy loads with more than just an eye on balance. If you’re having to figure out what your predicted 1RM is in the triceps kickback then there’s something seriously wrong.

3. Beware of emotional training.

What a couple of animals!!!

In the old days the muscle magazines, and these days high profile, glossy well funded by supplement company websites are full of pics like the one shown below. And while I am all for hard consistent training I am for sensible consistent training even more. The talk on the internet is that one should “train like an animal”, but I prefer the phrase “train like a robot”, or indeed a “machine”. Strive to make every set look identical except for the weight on the bar. Should you ever get super hyped? Sure, but save it for competition or if there’s money on the table. Training is preparation, not the event itself.

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Be Mighty,