Fat Loss Triumvirate

The last few months at Get Mighty Now have been interesting, more interesting than usual. Nick and I are both avid readers, although I have to admit, his reading is a little more pointed than mine. I tend to get my head turned from reading what I need whenever some trashy Sci-Fi novel comes out.

The reason I sometimes fall behind!


This isn’t as bad as it sounds because I learn a ton listening to Nick’s knowledge bombs on the Mighty Cast every week. Listening to Nick talk about what he has learnt recently made me realise that I needed to give those who don’t listen, believe it or not some of you don’t listen to every episode of the Mighty Cast! Anyway for you people here’s a quick update.


Trident / Triumvirate, 3 Prongs! You get the idea?


Prong 1 for Fat Loss –

Train for muscle mass! Yes, that’s still what most of your training time should be geared towards.


Prong 2 for Fat Loss –

Consume less calories than you burn! Yes I know, yet more cutting edge stuff.

OK, how about this; IF you’re a big strong guy / gal looking to lose a few pounds keep calories really low throughout the day, just getting enough (mainly protein and caffeine) to keep you going. Have a splash of carbs just before and during your training session and then pig out afterwards. Nick puts away 3000-4000 calories post workout and still got an 8 pack! The key here is that you’re strong and training hard, otherwise this won’t work for you; actually it’ll make you a fat-ass.


Prong 3 for Fat Loss –

This is going to be impossible to sum up in a sentence or two but take it from me – sleep more. Malcolm Gladwell, he of  “Outliers” fame stated that most (in the USA I believe) get 6.5 hours of sleep a night. High achievers get 7.5 hours a night, and elite performers snooze away for 8.5 hours a night on average. That’s close to 25% more sleep for elite athletes over their normal rivals. THAT’S MASSIVE!

If you want more on the mighty power of sleep then I’m afraid that you are going to have to listen to the Mighty Cast.


So as far as new info goes, nothing as regards training; if you’re familiar with carb back loading then not much new in nutrition either. But at Get Mighty Now we like to think that we look at the whole picture; this new info on sleep is massive, and it’s free. Are we good to you or what.

OK, bed time, who’s got ya in the belly….

Be Mighty,