Fat Loss in a Nutshell

Fat Loss in a Nutshell

by Chris Young

Fat Loss in a Nutshell

The Essentials

A couple of years ago I started giving an article entitled “The Hierarchy of Fat Loss” by Alwyn Cosgrove to clients of mine who were seriously interested in radical fat loss.

Feedback was positive but several clients have said the article was too long; was there anything with comparable content but shorter? The answer is no! But because I try not to say no to clients I have summarised the article using bullet points in descending order of priority. I have also added some of my own ideas especially in the area of training.

1. Eat 5-6 times a day

Each meal should consist of protein and veggies or fruit. Carbohydrates are only consumed just before your workout. Allow yourself a free day or 4 free meals a week (by the way, a curry with all the trimmings isn’t 1x free meal, it’s at least 3! Sorry about that. A free meal would be a potion of chips, a 500g bar of chocolate, etc). For more detail regarding the nutrition component please see my “Nutrition for Optimal Fat Loss” article.

2. Lift weights!

At least 3 times a week, heavy and hard! Fat loss specific weight training is circuit based; my clients typically perform Two tri-sets, the first would consist of a knee dominant lower body exercise like Squats, Step Ups, or Lunges immediately followed by an upper body pushing exercise immediately followed by a side bend or a twisting midsection exercise.

The second tri-set would consist of a hip dominant lower body exercise immediately followed by an upper body pulling exercise immediately followed by a forward bending Ab exercise.

The client would perform 3 tri-sets of each circuit and would attempt to lift as heavy as possible for whatever reps they are doing (usually 8-15).

This sort of weight training has been shown to elevate the metabolism for up to 40 hours; after 30 minutes of long slow cardio the metabolism would be back to normal literally minutes after finishing.

Please note After 3 months of following this I would expect a woman to be lifting the following; Box Squat =50kg x5 reps, Db Bench Press 15kg x10, Db Stiff Leg Deadlift 20kg x10. For men I would expect the following; Box Squat =90kg x5 reps, Db Bench Press 25kg x15, Stiff Leg Deadlift 30kg x15. This is very general but for most people quite achievable.

3. Perform interval training 3 times a week

Interval training is hard training interspersed with easy periods of recovery. You could use any piece of equipment but I will use a bike as an example.

Warm up so that you’re ready for the hard work to come.

  • Set the level to the hardest you could perform for 30 seconds and pedal as fast as you can.
  • Drop the level to an easy tick over, this should not challenge you at all, do this for 60 seconds.
  • Repeat for 5-10 intervals in total.
  • You may change the ratios of work to rest but usually 30-60 seconds of hard work interspersed with 30-120 seconds of rest will work very well.

4. Steady State Cardio

Numbers 2+3 would take up around 3 hours a week; if you have more time than this then you may perform 2-3 sessions of 30 minutes of hard steady state cardio a week. A tough up hill walk on the treadmill would probably do it for most people.

5. Any other activity

You’ll still burn some calories but don’t expect a boost in metabolism.

Good luck with this and please let me know the results you get.

Chris is a British and World Champion Drug Free Powerlifter who has worked in the fitness industry since 1985, he currently runs the gym at the very prestigious Spa at Pennyhill Park (http://www.thespa.uk.com). Along with Powerlifting, Chris has competed nationally in Martial Arts, and has dabbled in Drug Free Bodybuilding. Chris can be contacted through www.getmightynow.com.