Do People Really Believe This Crap? – The First of Many I Suspect!

I would like to apologies to listeners of the Mighty Cast.


When episode 75 is posted you’ll notice on listening that I get somewhat distracted while Nick was in full flow. I have to admit that if I were the professional I claim to be that my full attention would always be on the show, but for a minute or two today it wasn’t. I was flicking through cable TV channels silently when I came across the laughingly ironic TLC which stands for “The Learning Channel”. And on this trashy excuse for a television channel appeared the witch that is Oprah Winfrey! I know I should have stopped here but rather like trying not to look at a car wreck I couldn’t quite stop myself from pushing the “I” for more information button on my TV remote.


Dear Reader I was (not) disappointed, up on the screen came a description of the interview taking place:

Oprah & Caroline Myss: Intuition, Power And Grace

A spiritual teacher believes everyone can fulfil their own “sacred contract”— a set of assignments the soul is meant to achieve.


This time the lie was only this big!

From the fraud, I mean lady who brought you celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson who “believes” women should never lift more than 3lb dumbbells because that would make them “bulky”. She also brought you that paragon of pseudoscience Dr Oz, and the hugely successful and highly questionable self help guru Dr Phil. Does this witch have anyone on with anything to offer? Maybe I’m being a little unfair here, as I don’t watch her show; I even made Nick watch the episodes with Lance Armstrong as I detest this modern day glorified snake oil salesperson so much. Oh yeah, please don’t forget the dreaded book “The Secret”!

Looking at the description above I doubt that Ms Myss is that person who will deliver the goods as regards life changing information is concerned. What on Earth is a “spiritual teacher”? When I ask those who use the word “spiritual” what exactly they mean I hear a bunch of fluffy, non descript phrases usually interspersed with fillers like “you know”. No, I don’t know and more importantly I don’t think you know either.

Now I’m really at a loss, the term “sacred contract” has really befuddled me. Maybe it’s like a blood oath or something similar? Sounds a little racy for Oprah. And the “set of assignments the soul is meant to achieve”? How can an as yet unidentified and probably mythical part of a persons being achieve anything? I find the above terms laughable, and I find it amazing that characters like this can garner air time anywhere let alone on an immensely popular (unfortunately) show such as this.

This is yet another example that if you want / need great life changing advice then anything associated with Oprah should be avoided. “Where should I go”,  you may ask? Well I may be slightly biased but episode 75 of The Mighty Cast entitled “The Stretch Zone” would be a great place to start. If you think that we’re nice guys who deserve your patronage then my eBook “The Mighty Mind” gives you all the good which is contained within NLP and self improvement without all the other rubbish which comes along with it.

If you don’t want to give us money then most, if not all the great info contained in this short book can be found in episodes of The Mighty Cast, but you’ll have to do the work and listen through them, which I don’t think is so bad:)

Be Mighty,