Darkside Lifters Update

Darkside Lifters Update

I thought I’d start an occasional series detailing what the lifters who train at Darkside Barbell have been up to.

Neil Morgan, who has just started training with us competed in his first Powerlifting meet on Sunday 27th March. Lifting raw Neil Squatted 210kg, Benched 167.5kg, and Deadlifted 235kg for a 612.5kg total. Neil is an absolute beast and will go from strength to strength I’m sure.

Daz lifted at the same meet and made a very nice 252.5kg Squat on his second attempt, but unfortunately pulled his back on his third attempt trying 260kg. He managed to Bench making a competition PR of 160kg, but he was unable to Deadlift.

This was a shame as Daz is “The Deadlift Bear”, and I’m pretty sure he would have made his goal of pulling 330kg. This sounds like a BS comment I know, but check out the vid of Daz easily pulling 310kg in the gym a few weeks before the comp and you’ll be a believer too. Next time Dazla.

Russ, along with myself didn’t compete, but he has made some excellent PRs in the gym including a very nice 235kg Deadlift only last night. Russ could be competing later in the year.

I’m working hard on getting my shoulder better, which is taking a lot longer than I’d hoped. Despite this I’m still able to hit a few PRs in the gym. I plan on competing in 2012 as my good friend Rich DeLeon is involved in putting on the Worlds in Boston next year; sounds like a good party to me.

Alex and his Team

Finally I’m going to mention one of our guys who competes in the Worlds toughest sport mixed martial arts (MMA). Alex “the count of mount”, “bring the gun show”, “the king of swing”, Monttagnani, as you can see we’re still working on his nickname! Well Al won his first pro fight by ground and pound stoppage in the second round after dominating the first.

It’s a little unfair on Al’s opponents, when they look at him weighing all of 77kg at a height of 6-2 they must think that strength and power aren’t going to be Al’s forte but with a Deadlift of around 190kg, and a Bench of 125kg they’re in for a nasty surprise.

Well done Al, remember I want seats when you make your UFC debut – no pressure there.

Remember that you can access our training vidoes by going to our “Media” section.

Be Mighty,