Darkside Barbell Update

Darkside Barbell Update

My apologies dear reader for the lack of content over the last couple of weeks, but life has been very full recently, which is a good thing.


September 24th was a big day for Darkside; first up was the BPC British Open where we had Muscle Russell Willers lifting in the 110kg class. We were also meant to have the Deadlift Bear himself, Daz McCormac lifting in the 125s (or perhaps more) but the big lug broke his finger catching a Rugby ball. He was looking at a 270kg Squat, a 180kg Bench, and a 340kg Deadlift which would have put him very close to an 800kg RAW total. Better luck next time Dazla.


Anyway back to Russ, because he likes the attention. Russ had a great meet ending up with a 290kg Squat, a 190kg Bench, and a 250kg Deadlift, for a 730kg total. The most gratifying of these lifts was the Bench Press. In training Russ hasn’t hit 3 good lifts all year then at this meet he goes 3 for 3 in the Bench for an excellent PR, which ALMOST makes up for all those tantrums in the gym.

See Muscle Russell here –



This put Russ second in the 110kg class behind John Hobson, who I met at Westside 4 or 5 years ago. John started off in Strongman and will be a great Powerlifter in the years to come no doubt. Well done on your first meet John, and well done Russ.


The meet as a whole was well run, which was amazing due to the unexpectedly high amount of lifters competing. A couple of weeks before the meet was scheduled the venue was changed to Genesis gym as interest in competing seemed to be low. I was told a couple of days before the meet that they were only 7 entries and I was looking forward to an early finish, but on the day there were over 40 lifters, in a small venue, with only 1 platform; all this added up to a long day, but it was worth it.


One small moan. Lifters, if you intend on competing then do everyone a favour and enter the damn meet before the deadline, it’s better for everyone that way.


It was also great to see many of the young lifters doing so well; the sport in the UK looks to be in fine shape.


That same evening Darkside’s own Alex “The Count of Mount”, “Tank”, “Hands of Stone”, “The Slam Machine”, Mantagnani had his 3rd Cage fight, and he came err…… second by decision. I hear that he forgot to duck!


We tell Alex that he’s a bit of a pussy in the gym, he’s not that bad but we’re working on him all the same. He’s committed to training smarter and harder than ever, even going as far as training with Master Tony Kirby, who is one of the most dangerous, as well as being one of the nicest men I’ve ever met. I’ve known Tony for around 20 years and he sometimes trains with us; and when he does he’s always very impressive.

The following is typical of Tony. A few years ago Tony went to Thailand and the fighters over there were scared of him; usually it’s the other way round, white westerners go over there and are never the same when they return, it didn’t happen that way with Tony! Anyway I’m sure all this will have a positive impact on Alex’s fighting. Good luck Buddy.


This past weekend (1st & 2nd October) I was at an NLP Conference which starred Paul McKenna, who is very famous in the UK as a former DJ and stage hypnotist. Most notably McKenna had a TV show around 15 years ago where members of the audience would suddenly start shouting things out, or walking like a chicken when he uttered a certain phrase.


The other presenter was Richard Bandler, who was the co-inventor of NLP, with John Grinder back in the early 70s. He is held in revered status in the NLP world, and especially by many at the Conference.


Now for 2 pieces of good news:


  1. I’m not going into what happened at the conference in this post, so it won’t be too much longer.
  2. But…. I am going to write a special report of what happened at the conference, which will be free to subscribers of our newsletter. All you have to do is head over to www.getmightynow.com and sign up. I plan on having the report done very soon.


That’s all for now, until next time – Be Mighty.