Damn My Legs Hurt!

Damn my legs hurt!


I can hear you all now – “Oh, he’s not going to moan about his silly injuries again is he? He deserves everything he gets – damn fool!” I kinda think of you all talking like Mr T.

“Hey Fool!” How my audience sounds to me – Sometimes


No I’m not complaining about the injuries, not this time anyway.


This is the pain of going back to Squats after not being able (allowed) to do them for 10 weeks – yes, because of injury; I did mention it but I won’t dwell because it’s not relevant.


On my first session back the other day I was uncharacteristically conservative and only worked up to 110kg for 3 sets of 5 reps with a Safety Squat Bar, this is 50% of my max with this bar and as you would expect it felt pretty easy.

Gotta love the Safety Squat bar


The next day I had that feeling that I’d trained, a nice slightly numb feeling. The day after that I was crippled; my hips, quads, hamstrings all were incredibly painful.


If you’re a critical thinker you might ask “what does that prove?” I admit that this isn’t conclusive evidence of the Squat being the game changer that I believe it is, but it does show that it is creating a reaction (severe muscle ache), whereas other exercises don’t trigger this. Now I admit that this might be a false continuum but if one can create that much stress on the body (by performing a certain exercise), followed by enough rest and good nutrition, followed by repeating in a progressive manner then I feel that this continuum could lead to massive physical changes.


I’ll also say that I wasn’t in that much of a detrained state; for the past 5 weeks I’d been performing Seated Good Mornings, a variation which while taking the hamstrings out of the movement to a degree, still works the lower back and the glutes pretty hard; this is another reason why I’m surprised at my overall discomfort.


The message is that you might think that you’re working hard but if you’re not Squatting you’re just kidding yourself.


I’m really hoping that my hamstring / adductor issue isn’t too serious otherwise I’m going to be missing out on the awesomeness of the Squat. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean that I’ll be giving up any time soon; I will always concentrate on what I can do not what I can’t. As Tony Robbins rather cheesily puts it, “success comes in can – not in cannots”.


Don’t miss out on this great exercise, it makes a hell of a difference – and remember the Squat isn’t a leg exercise, it’s a whole body exercise.


Be Mighty,