Choose Your Habits

What more on habits? Didn’t you guys kill of this subject with your monster 3 hour episode of the Mighty Cast? You could well ask!


We probably have covered this before but in this blog I merely want to highlight that habits, usually bad habits can seep into all aspects of your life.


Sometimes its just not this obvious


Today is my day off – Yay! And I like to start by doing a little reading whilst lounging on my bed with my dogs and a large Pepsi Max – nice habit.


I look for which of the 3 books Nick has ordered me to read appeals the most, and then I turn on the TV and channel hope for 10 minutes – bad habit. Why have I wasted that time turning on the TV when I’m about to read; it’s not like I’m friggin’ Data from Star Trek who can seriously multi task. In addition to the 10 minutes of pointless channel surfing, when I finally settle down I read about half as quickly as I would with no distractions! What a waste.

He can do 50 things at once – you can’t


New habit – Bed, dogs, Pepsi Max, book, and maybe some Classical music playing in the background, NO TV!


Love Facebook – but where’s all the time gone?


Here’s one more which shall I say, is fresh in my mind.


Bad Habit – When I write a blog I fire up my PC and the first thing I do is check my emails, never mind the fact that I checked them on my iPhone about 10 minutes ago! Then I check Facebook; OK, again I would have checked on my iPhone but Facebook doesn’t work so well on mobile devices so I think I’m a little more justified in doing this. The problem is 2 hours later and I haven’t written a word of my blog! Facebook is like an Uber Black Hole.


Sorry to go all Metaphysical on you but a Black Hole is so named because not even light can escape its gravitational pull. Facebook is an Uber Black Hole where not even time can escape! OK, I need to work on this theory a little but you see my point.


Please don’t get me wrong I love Facebook, from the science pages which blow my tiny mind, to the Puppy pictures, it’s all good but it’s all time consuming.


New Habit – Fire up PC, write blog then check Facebook, email, etc. if I have time.


So to summarise, where are your bad habits seeping into your life? Strange isn’t it that it’s always the bad habits which do this and never the good ones. The good ones have to be consciously cultivated, whereas the bad ones just seep in. You just watch that film you’ve seen 3 times before and didn’t really like rather than go to bed. You just (every day) pop into that service station on the way home from work and get a coffee and a doughnut because you’ve had a tough day; and so it goes….


As Nick said in that monster Mighty Cast, the better your habits the better you will be. It’s now time to really look at your life and see which bad habits have been seeping in and consciously eradicate them.


Be Mighty,