Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces

Readers might be interested in the following –

I was having a conversation with Nick about his weird shoes ;)¬†Anyone who is interested in these so called “bare foot” trainers should have a look at the discussion going on here. it is members only but many of the industries best minds post here. Also it’s free so what’s to lose?

A new article by the legend which is Dan John has been posted here –

More excellent stuff from t-nation with an article from one of the true characters of the iron game, Mark Rippetoe –

Just when you think t-nation is getting average they hit you with 3 great articles in a week; here’s my buddy Jim Wendlers latest piece –

Finally I need to apologise for the lack of new content recently. This time I actually have an excuse, as I have been working on a new ebook. Nick and I are very excited about this, and we are determined to over deliver, as usual.

OK, one last thing I can’t let lie. As I type this I’m watching “The Active Channel” on UK cable. Bad exercise ideas, presented by inept communicators; what more could we expect. The two bodybuilders seem to believe that they need to communicate either through grunts or by thinking that they’re rap stars. Truly painful.

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