Beware of the BS

Beware of the BS

I was called at the gym I work at today by a very energised lady; the conversation went something like this:


Her – Hello, I’m from so and so.

Me – Hello, how can I help?

Her – Do you run weight management programmes?

Me – Well, this is a gym and 99% of people who come here want to change the shape of their bodies.

Her – Well we have this wonderful supplement which will really help your members.

Me – What process does it use to achieve this?

Her – It contains (she lists several berries) in a concentrate.

Me – That sounds quite calorific.

Her – It’s been proven to lower blood pressure. (seriously changing tack as she realises that she’s been rumbled)

Me – A good diet and exercise has been shown to do this.

Her – Thanks for your time. (she hangs up still sounding surprisingly cheerful)

Please let me state that I’m usually a little more diplomatic but I’ve had a heavy week; but it does get me thinking how people (you) fall for this rubbish.

Here’s a concentrate of several berries which is being sold for fat loss, that means there’s a lot of berries in there, probably more than you could eat, that means there’s also calories! Remember fat loss is simple cals in < cals out; concentrated fruit juice does not particularly help in this.

Then she claimed it helps in reducing blood pressure; I guess some people will say screw the exercise, and / or healthy eating and pass me the expensive Ribena.

Although we didn’t get as far as how much this wonderful stuff actually cost I have seen something similar, Acai Berry concentrate selling for around £30 for a 1 litre bottle, what a rip off!

Please remember there are no short cuts; all you need to do is eat and exercise the way the person you wish to become would do, as a mighty person would do.

Be Mighty,