5 Tips for a Mighty Squat

I hear all the time that people like lists, top 10 this, best 5 of that. Now I’m not saying that these are the best Squatting tips ever but they’re pretty damn good, and there’s a certain logic behind them.


Me at the ’09 Nationals with 230kg, which was a good lift

1. Box Squat – I know this is about the Squat but I am a firm believer in Box Squatting in order to be Mighty in the Squat, if needed. For many never need to Squat, the Box Squat will be enough. Box Squatting teaches the lifter to sit back and to reach correct depth, whereas when I see people Squat I usually see high, knee wrecking lifts.

2. Lock and Load baby, as they say in the States. This is great advice, simply put it means set up correctly. Get the bar in the right position on your back, which is probably lower than you think. Pull the bar hard into your back, as if you’re trying to bend the bar over your back like an old time strongman, and take a huge BELLY full of air; notice I didn’t say lung full.

3. Sit back, this means consciously break from the hips NOT the knees. If you’re lifting un-equipped hit the hole hard (the bottom position) thus making the most of the stretch reflex. Your technical¬†proficiency will determine when you “release” to hit the hole. The more technically proficient the lifter the earlier the release, all things being equal.

4. As you ascend lift with the hips all the time pushing your head back into the bar. If you watch any of our Squatting videos you will hear the command “head” in pretty much every lift.

5. Maybe this should be number 1 but what the hell… Get psyched up when you need to be, not for every lift¬†but when it matters. Whether it be that PR single you’ve been chasing, or a 5 rep max if you’re a beginner cultivate the psyche.

Nothing to it is there?

Now get to it and build a Mighty Squat.

Be Mighty,